Tools and services to help you innovate and increase your performance

Created by FORMANAGEMENT Consulting, the CEOS Club is a business hub as well as a platform for exchange, and shared experiences among the Managers or Executives of businesses in Africa and the Diaspora. The ultimate objective is to provide them with the keys to an efficient management practice.

Entirely designed by FORMANAGEMENT CONSULTING as a result of several months of research, PROFIL5 is a test for determining the type of behavior that keeps you out of control of your time. Our objective, with this test, is not to perform a psychological analysis, but rather to provide you with the tools that can enable you to better handle your time and your priorities.

ForManagement Consulting (FMC) is an expert company in global business support, based in Paris and currently intervening in Africa, Asia and Europe. We serve any company, especially businesses in Africa, in search for customized solutions for increasing the performance of their collaborators while optimizing their internal costs.

To address your day-to-day professional challenges, the experts at FORMANAGEMENT Consulting have developed for you ready-to-use synthetic fact sheets that provide you with pragmatic and effective solutions. More than 15 years of expertise in Management and Techniques summarized in a few pages at your disposal.

Designed by FORMANAGEMENT Consulting, the tool TRACE responds to a major need of companies and organizations. It focuses on the identification of the factors that motivate a collaborator, in such a way as to encourage them to be performant and committed in their activities for the development of the company or organization.


ForManagement Consulting (FMC) is a consulting firm that has developed high-level expertise in the overall support of companies in Africa and leaders in terms of Strategy, Change Management, Project Management , Training in Management and Operational Efficiency.

Based in Paris - FRANCE and operating today in West Africa, Asia, and Europe. We support any business, especially businesses in Africa, looking for tailor-made solutions and wishing to increase their performances while optimizing internal costs. These solutions require a Global Support focused on Strategy, Training, Coaching, Management Control and Change Management. This via a “win-win” partnership and long-term monitoring.


We engage to provide Tailored-Solutions
to your sector and activity.

Counselling & Strategy

Depending on your organizational structure, we provide you with solutions

  •   Vision determination
  •   Determination of strategic axes and action plans
  •   Implementation of growth strategy
  •   Monitoring and Evaluation

    We bring to you the expertise in terms of Corporate and Project Finances, by the Implementation of:

  •   Management indicators
  •   an effective dashboard
  •   Treasury file
  •   Management and Finance tools
  •   Mise en Place de procédures de gestion
  • Project Management

    We cover all aspects of Project Management. We intervene as well in the settlement of the Project, the search for Funding or Partnership, the implementation or the deployment of the project, its management, monitoring, and evaluation. Whatever the sector of activity, the size, or the geographical area, we respond effectively, with our expertise in Project Management:

  •   Breakdown of the project into work packages
  •   Implementation of the “Baseline” of the project (initial planning)
  •   Risk identification and mitigation.
  • Project Management, Audit and Control

    You have an Internal Project or you are on a Project following a contract, we also offer our Project Audit services with our Project Management and Control Tool 2I.2A:

  •   Periodic review of projects
  •   Audit report writing
  •   Proposal of concrete solutions or recommendations
  •   Risk and opportunity analysis.
  • Project Management Control

  •   Implementation of work package monitoring tools
  •   Estimated budget at completion by work package
  •   Periodic monitoring and animation of “Forecast”
  •   Monthly or quarterly reporting and control
  •   Monitoring of performance indicators
  •   Calculation and Implementation of price revisions
  •   Analysis and monitoring of risks, opportunities, and savings.

    You are an Executive, Manager, Entrepreneur or Collaborator in an Organization or company and you want to go from one level to another and have more performance in your day by day professional’s life? We offer you our Personal Coaching services.

  •   Personalized and tailor-made support in 8 steps
  •   Orientation towards possible and concrete solutions in professional and personal life.
  • Depending on your targeted needs and objectives, we offer three personalized coaching packages, namely:

  •   Booster Formula : A Coaching Program In Person Or Online (Phone Calls Or Videoconferencing) In Eight (08) Sessions Which Help You Develop Your Self-Confidence And Define Your Professional Profile.
  •   Smart Formula : A Coaching Program In Face-To-Face Or Online (Phone Calls Or Videoconferencing), In Eight (08) Sessions Which Helps You Acquire Or Grow Good Practices Which Will Make You An Efficient And Effective Manager; But Also To Adjust Your Management Style.
  •   Leader Formula : A Coaching Program In Person Or Online (Phone Calls Or Videoconferencing) In Eight (08) Sessions Which Helps You Be An Effective Manager, And Help You Have A Management Style Focused On Performance, as well.
  • Professional Training

    You want to increase your performance and that of your employees in the fields of Project Management, Finance, Personal Development, and Management. ForManagement Consulting offers you Practical and Targeted Training regarding your expectations. All our Trainings are Practical, certified, and certifying.

    We also Support you for your Certification and that of your collaborators in Finances, Audit, Accounting, and Project Management.

    Thanks to our agile, reactive, and implicative approach, we offer you, in addition to the basic training and certification offers, various activities such as:

  •   The implementation of practical training seminars
  •   The organization of operational workshops
  •   Monitoring and evaluation of your achievements
  •   The Team-Building

    From the General Auditing of the company, whether at the Organizational or Financial level, either in the elaboration of Commercial Recommendations, we ensure that you are given the assurance of the operational implementation of our various recommendations and the application of rules and practices within your company. This to help you improve your performance sustainably.


    We offer practical and interactive training adapted to your problems either face-to-face, or online:

    Management procedures

  •    Conduct And Succeed In Change Management: Master The Tools For Change Management.
  •    Manual Drafting With Updated Methods and Procedures
  •    The Fundamentals of Management Audit
  •    Strategic Planning & Integrated Budget Management
  •    Result-Based Management
  •    INNOVATION : The Lever Of Growth
  •    Performance Evaluation
  •    Business Strategy And Model
  •    Sales Strategy And Customer Management
  •    Control Credit-Lease And Factoring.

    Achievements in several fields, whether in Africa,
    Europe, or Asia, with the satisfaction of our customers.